After writing Bodybuilding by Numbers I decided to write a book to help the majority of people (of both sexes and all adult ages) who don’t want to look like a bodybuilder, but just want to lose a few pounds from their waist and hips and get a bit of muscle tone. That sounds like an easy thing to do, but the fact that so many individuals are uncomfortably overweight proves that it isn’t.

The approach of Slimming by Numbers is that techniques used to analyse and improve the performance of a business can be modified and used to analyse and improve your physique. I have again included the techniques of Force Field Analysis and Benchmarking, but have also added five new techniques: Relationship Diagrams, Ishikawa Diagrams, Tree Diagrams, Results Based Accountability and Balanced Scorecard. Each technique uses a different individual for the case study.

Slimming by Numbers doesn’t just look at the effect that your diet and exercise regimes are having on your physique, it also delves deeper to investigate the underlying psychological factors that are involved. In addition, I have written a chapter all about how to get motivated to change your lifestyle, so that you can get the body you want.

Slimming by Numbers is distinct from any other book in the way that it enables you to shed the pounds and get a toned body, so surely you owe it to yourself to read it! You will find it on Amazon world-wide in both paperback and Kindle versions. Here is the link for the UK:  


Slimming by Numbers: Numerical tools to get you the body you want: Pursglove, Dr Jeff: 9798873854325: Books


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