I'd had the outline of a book on bodybuilding scribbled in a notebook for several years. The catalyst for finally getting it published was being told, just before Christmas  2014, that I had prostate cancer. Being confronted by my own mortality shocked me into completing it. Furthermore, having to sit around the house for three months to convalesce after surgery in February 2015 gave me plenty of time to do it.I wanted to write a truly distinctive, innovative book, one that would stand out from all the other 'reps and sets' bodybuilding books, and so I developed the idea of taking some of the knowledge that I had acquired from my PhD and MBA and applying it to bodybuilding. However, I wanted to make sure that the end result wasn't some sort of  academic treatise, but rather that it must be interesting to read, and of practical use to both novice and experienced bodybuilders.

I did this by taking five outstanding concepts (the Law of the Limiting Factor from my PhD, and Benchmarking, Force Field Analysis, Gap Analysis and the Theory of Constraints from my MBA) and applying them creatively to bodybuilding.   In Bodybuilding by Numbers I give a brief description of the origins of each technique, before moving on quickly to show how to adapt it to bodybuilding.

Most of these approaches are based upon measuring things and then using the numbers from the measurements to improve your physique, but don’t worry: the mathematics involved is not complicated.

The flow of the book is:

  • How good is your current physique?
  • What has caused the gap between your current physique and the one you want?
  • What do you need to do to bridge that gap?
  • How should you measure your progress in achieving it?

I begin by using my physique as an example, but then I introduce an imaginary bodybuilder called Jack, and we use him as a case study in the chapters that follow. However, both myself and Jack are only there to explain how you can use these techniques to improve your physique, so throughout the book I keep asking you to think “OK, but what does this mean for me?”

So, if you are keen to quantify your bodybuilding and transform your physique get reading Bodybuilding by Numbers now, and start working towards your dream physique from a platform of knowledge and understanding never available before!


Bodybuilding by Numbers is available from Amazon world-wide, in both paperback and e-book formats. Here  is the link for the UK:


Bodybuilding by Numbers: How to quantify your bodybuilding and transform your physique eBook : Pursglove, Jeff: Amazon.co.uk: Books




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